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Why Have Your Office Refurbished?

Your office environment reflects not only your business but your brand in general. A tired and dated looking office will not only affect the mood of your employees and clients but will also affect how your business is seen and portrayed too.

With the general hustle and bustle of daily projects, it's highly likely that having your office refurbished is not at the top of your to-do list. But there are many reasons why it will benefit you to have your office refurbished and we'll tell you what those are in this helpful guide.

Create some useful additional space

Having a cluttered or cramped space is very bad for productivity, so at a minimum, just stripping back and creating some additional space in your office is sure to improve staff performance in the long term.

Similarly, if your company is expanding, you might want to create additional space for extra staff members. An office refurbishment is perfect for this, as it will save you the hassle of having to search for larger business premises.

Improve productivity

Just like in your home, even just a splash of colour and a fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference to the look and feel of an office. A new and refreshed look can improve morale and inspire your workforce as it shows that you value the hard work they put in each day. Similarly, involving your staff in the decision-making for the new design is another great morale booster too.

Why not create a new meeting room?

When your clients visit your premises, the chances are they are going to spend the most time in your meeting room. This is why it's incredibly important to have a comfortable, stimulating and professional looking meeting room that encourages people to do business with you.

If your office currently doesn't have a meeting room, a well-designed and planned office refurbishment will give you the opportunity to create a unique space that can be utilised as a meeting room.

Impress existing and new clients

In business, first impressions are incredibly important. As soon as your clients (or potential clients) walk into your office, they're basing their opinions on your business on the look and appearance of your premises. You therefore want them to feel that they could enjoy doing business with you and your company. A professionally designed and planned office refurbishment can transform your office space to make visitors feel even more confident in your company's capabilities.

Ensure environmental compliance

Why not use your office refurbishment as an opportunity to ensure that your office space is designed and built with carbon neutral and renewable materials and sources. This will send a message to the general public, both potential and current employees and your clients that your business has a responsible attitude towards the environment and is ensuring that it's making the most efficient use of energy and space.

Reorganise the placement of your team

There are times when a company's structure goes through a period of change and when this happens, your office might need re-arranging too. Having an office refurbishment can help you to restructure and rearrange the placement of your staff to promote better productivity and workplace efficiency.

Improve health and safety

It's only natural for an office to be showing signs of wear and tear after a number of years of use. Simple things like loose carpets can easily pose health and safety risks for you, your employees and your clients if not dealt with. Making use of an office refurbishment will ensure that your workplace is a much more comfortable, safe and enjoyable place for people to work in and visit.

These are just some of the reasons why you should consider having your office refurbished. Of course, if you'd like to know more or you are considering having an office refurbishment undertaken, speak to London and the Home Counties' experts at Diamond Interior Contracts today. Contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange your free property survey and no obligation quotation. 

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Date: Thu 14th February 2019

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